Recommendation to take over Shri Baglamukhi Temple in  HP by Govt.

It has become a practice in the country to takeover Hindu temples  and commit fraud in it. Hindus must unite and resist such a practice. Hindus don’t expect BJP Government to take-over their temples in the State; rather the temples should remain only in the custody of devotees. Kangra (H.P.) – District Collector has recommended … Read more

A Pakistani Minister sacked for making anti-Hindu statements

Instead of such flimsy actions, Pakistan must muster the courage to imprison these offenders. Lahore (Pakistan) –  Faiyyaz Ul Chauhan the Information Minister in Punjab province of Pakistan was removed from the position.  Faiyyaz Ul Chouhan was incessantly making anti-Hindu statements. Prime Minister Imran Khan expelled him from ministry. Though he faced dismissal from Ministry … Read more

‘Women are considered prostitutes in Hindu Dharma’ – says MP Thol

Outrageous statement by MP Thol Thirumavalavan from Tamil Nadu To make derogatory accusations on Hindu Dharma is considered as ‘so-called progressive, reformist and pro-Periyar nowadays. That is why Thirumavalvan has shown his hateful mentality by making this statement. Since Hindus are tolerant, such statements are made about Hindu Dharma; however, no one dares to talk … Read more