Painful incident in Ranchi (Jharkhand) hospital in the presence of State Health Minister!

Corona affected person dies due to unavailability of bed

  • If a Health Minister who has accepted the responsibility of the health of the public in the state demonstrates such apathy and insensitivity, the Gujarat High Court’s observation that people are at ‘God’s mercy’ hold true! Therefore all people should turn to God at least now for protection!
  • The healthcare system across the nation is falling to pieces as the number of Covid-19 cases continue to rise, and therefore such incidents occur. It is evident that people are greatly troubled in these difficult times. This is the consequence of having political parties that neglected public healthcare since independence!

Ranchi (Jharkhand) – A patient suffering from Covid-19 passed away without getting any treatment due to lack of a bed when he came to the hospital for admission. The patent had come from Hazaribag to a hospital in Ranchi for treatment. However he passed away on the steps of the hospital. The doctors did not even examine the patient. Although the patient’s daughter and relatives made repeated requests to the doctors, no one paid heed to their pleas. State Health Minister Banna Gupta was also present then. But he too just walked away saying, “The situation here is quite common”. In reality the actual situation came to light due to this incident. The dead person’s daughter posed a question, “Politicians are only concerned with securing votes. Can they restore my father to me?” After learning about the query raised, Health Minister Gupta tried to shrugged off responsibility and blamed the Health department. He even  issued a lame warning that ‘such incidents will not be tolerated’.