Kerala: Thrissur administration bans Hindu devotees from performing rituals at Kodungallur Devi temple on Meena Bharani

In a controversial decision, the Kerala Government has banned Hindu devotees from performing ancient rituals at the Kodungallur Bhadrakali temple in Kerala and has deployed the Police force to block the devotees from performing the same.

Temples should not use speakers that exceed 55 decibels ! – Kerala State Government

The communist led government of Kerala issued an order to regulate the sound levels of the loudspeakers in temples. This order has been issued only to Kerala Devaswom Board and the circular issued to the board states that temples should not use speakers louder than 55 decibles.

Kerala: Hindu Aikyavedi General Secretary RV Babu arrested for appealing to boycott HALAL products

In a desperate attempt by the ruling CPM-led Left Government to woo Muslim voters in Kerala, the General Secretary of Hindu Aikyavedi was arrested for appealing to the Hindus to boycott HALAL certified products.

High-level Chinese delegation in Nepal to ‘take stock’ of the political situation

A high-level Chinese delegation led by a Vice Minister of the Chinese Communist Party arrived in Kathmandu on 27th December to “take stock” of Nepal’s political situation after the dissolution of Parliament and subsequent split in the ruling Nepal Communist Party, according to a media report.