SFI denigrates Bharat Mata and national flag at Kasaragod Central University in Kerala

Kasargod (Kerala) – An art festival was organised at Kasaragod Central University. Many organisations presented their art during this period. At the same festival, a derogatory picture of Bharat Mata and India’s national flag was displayed by the communist student organisation ‘Student Federation of India’ (SFI).

Communist Students’ Union displays derogatory picture of Mother India and National Flag of India

(It is not our intention to hurt anyone’s national sentiments behind sharing these pictures/videos, but to show the irony of the sedition. – Editor)

The picture showed Bharat Mata wearing the national flag and 2 youths were shown holding her. After this picture went viral on social media, people began expressing their outrage. Strict action is being demanded against the accused.

Editorial Perspective

Nationalists should now demand a permanent ban on this student organisation of atheistic communists for this denigration !