Pitrupaksha (29th September to 14th October 2023)

The dark fortnight in the Hindu lunar month of Bhadrapad is known as ‘Pitrupaksha’. This fortnight is very dear to the ancestors. If Mahalaya shraddha is performed for the ancestors during this fortnight, they remain satisfied throughout the year.

Ashtanga sadhana advised by Sachchidananda Parabrahman (Dr) Athavale, its sequence and association with the Panchamahabhuta

This Ashtanga sadhana consists of 8 steps, viz. Elimination of personality defects, and inculcation of virtues, Elimination of ego, Namajapa (Chanting God’s Name), Awakening of Bhav (Spiritual emotion), Satsang (Holy company), Satseva (Service unto the Absolute Truth), Tyag (Sacrifice) and Priti (Unconditional love).

Sharanagatbhav is of enormous importance for spiritual progress; the highest seat of faith to develop Sharanagatbhav is Sachchidananda Parabrahman (Dr) Athavale

The ego removal process, which is one of the aspects of sadhana according to Gurukrupayoga as advised by Sachchidananda Parabrahman (Dr) Jayant Athavale, plays a crucial role in helping develop Sharanagati.