Travancore Devaswom Board appoints a person for the post of part-time priest

A priest from the scheduled tribe to be appointed even in Kerala now !

The Government is insulting the science of Spirituality by appointing priests in Hindu Temples based on their castes. The Government does not interfere in this manner in appointing Imams and Christian Priests because none of the Mosques or Churches are taken over by the Government.

Since Hindu Temples are taken over by the Government, such acts are being done. Without considering the science of Spirituality such things are going on and since Hindus lack education on Dharma, they are also silent in the name of so-called progressiveness.
There is no alternative to establishing the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ (Satyayug within the Kaliyug) to change the situation !

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) – For the first time in its history, Kerala’s Travancore Devasom Board has decided to appoint a scheduled tribe person as a priest of one of the 1,200 temples under its management. Accordingly, a person will be appointed part-time.

Travancore Devasom Board also manages the renowned Sabarimala Bhagawan Ayyappa Temple. Marxist Communist Party’s Government in Kerala has appointed a total of 133 non-Brahman priests in various temples in the last four and half years. Nineteen of them are working part-time. Eighteen of these 19 are from scheduled castes, while the one is from a scheduled tribe.

K Surendran, Devaswom Minister, Kerala has posted on Facebook that 310 part-time priests have been appointed so far in Travancore Devasom Board Temples from the rank-list published in 2017.