‘Given a right, I would have crushed Macron’s face !’ – says Congress MLA

Bhopal Congress MLA talks the language of Jihadis !

  • Congress would never take action against such MLAs because they belong to the minority and minority is a vote bank for Congress !
  • Muslim leaders warn of taking the law in their hands if their religious sentiments are hurt; whereas, on the contrary, Hindu leaders remain inactive since they lack the religious sentiment itself !

Bhopal (M.P.) – Given a right, I would have crushed French President Emmanuel Macron’s face. Our hands are tied because we are law-abiding citizens (Considering Jihadi mentality of religious fanatics, who would trust this ? –Editor), and we have been taught to follow peace by our Allah’s Prophet, said Congress MLA Arif Masood at Bhopal. He was delivering a speech in a protest rally organised against French President Macron. (If peace had really been preached, this would have reflected in the action; however, Masud’s speech reflects his mentality and the action performed by religious fanatics in France also depicts the fact on the ground ! –Editor)