Arrest warrant against the Congress MLA Arif Masood in Bhopal

Case of provocative speech against French President in an unauthorised rally The protest is held in India against the statement by French President on Muhammad Paigambar; how many Hindus and their leaders in India raise an objection after their Deities getting insulted ? Bhopal (MP) – Congress MLA Arif Masood had held an unauthorised rally … Read more

France revokes visas of 183 Pak Nationals, while deports 118

Will India learn from France ? Paris (France) – France has revoked visas of 183 Pakistani nationals including relatives of Pakistan Intelligence Agency ISI’s former head Lieutenant General Ahmad Shuja Pasha while forcibly deported 118 Pakistanis. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan had recently commented against France and its Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron. It is being … Read more

‘Given a right, I would have crushed Macron’s face !’ – says Congress MLA

Bhopal Congress MLA talks the language of Jihadis ! Congress would never take action against such MLAs because they belong to the minority and minority is a vote bank for Congress ! Muslim leaders warn of taking the law in their hands if their religious sentiments are hurt; whereas, on the contrary, Hindu leaders remain … Read more

Following France, a 16-year-old fanatic youth attacked the Police with a knife in Russia

Religious fanatic youth killed in police firing Just killing the Jihadists is not enough to finish the terrorism. To end terrorism from roots, the whole world needs to unite and fight. Now, attacks with knives by religious fanatics all over the world will rise. The number of religious fanatics in India is very high; this … Read more

Protest against the French President’s statement ‘Islam is in crisis’

Islamic countries start a boycott campaign against French products French also unite against the Islamic nations’ campaign ! Realise that Islamic countries protest unitedly against the criticism on Islamic fundamentalism; however, when Hindus are criticised for no reason from the world, no Government from India protest against that. Paris (France) – ‘#BoycottFrenchProducts’ is  in trend … Read more

A Large-scale exhibition of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad on Government buildings in France

Counter-reply to the murder of a teacher for showing cartoons of Prophet  Muhammad Paris (France) – A fanatical student beheaded a teacher, Samuel a few days ago after he showed cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in class. Anger is being expressed in France following the incident. The cartoons, published earlier by Charlie Hebdo periodical are … Read more