‘Will you dare to title your film ‘Allah Bomb’ or ‘Jesus Bomb’ ?’ – The most pertinent question by actor Mukesh Khanna

Mumbai – ‘The film title ‘Lakshmi Bomb’ created an uproar in the country. I think it is not right to ban the movie. Only the trailer is released. The film is yet to be released. The word ‘Bomb’ has been deliberately associated with the word ‘Lakshmi’. Can you name a film as ‘Allah Bomb’ or ‘Jesus Bomb’ ? No. Then how can anyone name a film as ‘Lakshmi Bomb’ ?’ Mukesh Khanna, the actor who played ‘Pitamah Bhishma’ in Mahabharat and ‘Shaktiman’ in ‘Shaktiman’ television serials, asked these relevant questions. He continued, ‘People will attempt these gimmicks to create controversy and then keep quiet. They know that this will create an uproar leading to more publicity. This may continue but the people can put an end to this.’  He stated further, “These professionals do not fear the Hindu community. They think they are a tolerant society. They treat Hindus as a soft target. They are aware if they attempt similar tricks with other religious communities, they will be attacked with swords. Hence, the producers do not dare to name their films with titles from other religions. I can tell from my 40 years of experience in the industry that the film producers resort to these tactics as publicity stunts”.