Boycott the ‘Lakshmi’ film promoting ‘Love Jihad’

Vimalchand Jain of the ‘Vajradal’ organisation complains in Dharavi Police station. When the minority community’s religious sentiments get hurt, the Police act swiftly.  Why do they not act on the grievances of the majority of Hindus ? Sheer negligence towards the sentiments of Hindus makes the foundation of the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ a must. Mumbai – … Read more

‘Will you dare to title your film ‘Allah Bomb’ or ‘Jesus Bomb’ ?’ – The most pertinent question by actor Mukesh Khanna

Mumbai – ‘The film title ‘Lakshmi Bomb’ created an uproar in the country. I think it is not right to ban the movie. Only the trailer is released. The film is yet to be released. The word ‘Bomb’ has been deliberately associated with the word ‘Lakshmi’. Can you name a film as ‘Allah Bomb’ or … Read more

NBSA orders ‘Aaj Tak’, ‘Zee News’, ‘India TV’ and ‘News 24’ to tender apology for airing false and incorrect news

Actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide case Spreading propaganda about Hindu Sages-Saints was practised by many news channels; however, no such action has ever been taken against them. New Delhi – The News Broadcasters Standard Association (NBSA) has ordered the Hindi news channel ‘Aaj Tak’ to tender an apology at 8 p.m. on 27th October and … Read more

‘United ‘Hindu Front’ agitates at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi, against the film, ‘Lakshmi Bomb’

If the producers do not change the scenes of ‘Love Jihad’, the ‘United Hindu Front’ warns to intensify the agitation. It is shameful that Hindus have to resort to protest when their religious sentiments are hurt in a Hindu-majority India. New Delhi –  The ‘United Hindu Front’ staged an agitation at Jantar Mantar on 23rd … Read more

‘Eros Now’, a film production company obscenely insults ‘Navaratri’

‘Eros Now’ apologised after a protest by devout Hindus Persistent abuse of Hindu Deities and tendering apologies after the protests have become a pattern. The Police must register an offence  and imprison the culprits to ensure that they get severe punishment. New Delhi – On ‘Navaratri’, ‘Eros Now’ a film production company released a few … Read more