Send write ups of the qualities observed in Divine children and Teenagers every year to Sanatan’s District Coordinator

God has planned for the Divine children to administer the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ in future. These Divine beings are born on Earth from higher lokas, such as higher Swargaloka to Maharloka, and Janaloka. Sanatan Sanstha has identified more than 1200 Divine children so far. Their spiritual level  is more than 50%. They are grouped according to their age into ‘Toddlers Group – Birth to 5 Years’, ‘Kids Group – 6 to 12 Years’ and ‘Teenagers Group – 13 to 18 Years’. To continue the research on their further spiritual journey, it is necessary to record the spiritual and psychological changes occurring in them. For this, the parents of Divine children should send their write ups to the District Coordinator about changes observed in their children during the last year and their distinct qualities. This should be sent every year, a month before the Divine child’s birthday. Parents are advised not to send them directly to the Compilation Department at Ramnathi, Goa.

1. Write ups (changes and qualities) of Divine children to be based on following points :

a. Incidents which occurred during the year, showing an increase or decrease in the qualities or personality defects of the child

b. Any changes in the child’s spiritual distress – Was the child previously distressed ? Did the distress reduce or increase ? If reduced, what spiritual measures were taken?

c. Incidents indicating whether the child’s affinity towards spiritual practice has increased or decreased

d. Daily spiritual practice undertaken by the child, e.g., Chanting, prayer, gratitude, efforts to enhance bhav, observing and writing mistakes, seeking forgiveness, etc.

e. The child observing the mistakes of others, and their attempts to stop others inappropriate actions

f. The child’s willingness to help the family in household work, satseva, or to participate in samashti  seva at the District or Centre level

g. A few instances where the child’s bhav or faith towards Sachchidananda Parabrahman (Dr) Jayant Athavale is expressed

h. The child’s actions of Dharmacharan or displaying pride towards Dharma

i. Some remarkable spiritual experiences of the child

2. Parents should also write about their own efforts towards the spiritual progress of their child and where they fell short

Name of seeker writing about the child, Age, Place, Date should also be included.

3. This write up should be submitted annually till the Divine child turns 18 years old

4. Along with the write up, please send photographs every year

Parents should send current photographs of their child, taken in the last 2 months, along with the above points. The child should be wearing sattvik attire and smiling in the photograph. In short, this writeup will be a graph of the sadhana of the Divine child ! Thus, one will be able to study the ups and downs in the child’s spiritual progress and the factors responsible for it.

Note : As these writeups are collected for research (study) only, they will not be published in ‘Dainik Sanatan Prabhat’ every year on the child’s birthday. Some unique points will definitely be published though.

– Compilation Department, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa (19.07.2023)

Instructions to Parents of Child Seekers, District Coordinators and District Sevaks

All the points given above should be archived by the parents, to enable them to study the changes occurring in their Divine child. District Coordinators and District Sevaks should also archive these to ensure that the writeups from the parents of Divine children are received every year based on the above points.