Kindly suggest to only those who are interested in Spirituality, Spiritual practice, or Nation & Dharma to visit Sanatan’s Ashrams

These days, some seekers suggest to their relatives, friends or loved ones to visit Sanatan Ashrams; however, we have observed that some of them have absolutely no interest in Spirituality, Spiritual practice or Dharma…

Messages from Sanatan’s Saints on the occasion of the Pranapratishtha in Shriram Temple in Ayodhya

The Hindus must abide by Dharma and be devoted to Shriram in order to increase their spiritual strength so that Bharat can regain its past glory. After inaugurating Shriram Temple, our goal will be to establish Ramrajya everywhere.

O’ Hindus ! Note that only an invincible society and its Nation deserve to celebrate Vijayadashami !

The ancient Hindu rulers knew that attack is the best form of defence; hence, the tradition symbolising bravery of crossing the enemy’s borders was started in our Nation.

Chant Deity Datta’s Name, pray and perform the Shraddha ritual during Pitrupaksha

In today’s times, many seekers are suffering from distress caused by negative energies in some form or the other. Since this distress intensifies during the Pitrupaksha, seekers should chant ‘Om Om Shri Gurudev Datta Om’ for at least an hour every day in this period.

Send in your spiritual experiences and your feelings when you heard about the opportunity to watch the Celebrations and later

Seekers who had the ‘Darshan’ of Sachchidananda Parabrahman felt that the purpose of their life had been fulfilled !