Turkish jihadi group using Nepal as launchpad for terror activities in India 

Islamai Sangh Nepal being funded by group linked to Al-Qaeda 

Jihadi organisations and terrorists are trying to make India an Islamic nation. Wonder when the ‘secular’ Hindus of India will wake up to this fact. India should be declared a Hindu Rashtra to destroy the conspiracy of these jihadis.

New Delhi – Turkey is using an Al-Qaeda-linked charity group, The Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Aid (IHH) to work with a Nepal based Islami Sangh Nepal (ISN) to promote jihad in South Asia. This organisation has started jihadi activities in Nepal along the Indian border. The organisation is being funded by the Islamic Union of Nepal. The Indian intelligence system had earlier warned that the ISN is involved jihadi activities.


United Nations has declared this Turkish organisation as an arms smuggling group. This group had supported the militants in Syria. The Turkish Government in support of this group has not taken any action against it. Now, this organisation has opened mosques, madrasas, Islamic centers and orphanages in and around Lumbini in Nepal.

Jihadi organisations are trying to make India an Islamic Nation. When will the ‘secular’ Hindus wake up to this fact !