New York Senator Todd Kaminsky’s decides to withdraw the Swastika Bill

The effect of opposition from Hindus, Buddhists and Jains

Overseas Hindus oppose such denigration of their religious symbols and become successful in doing so. However, some Hindus in Hindu-majority country themselves insult their own Dharma and other Hindus do not even oppose it. This is matter of shame for Hindus.

New Jersey (USA) – The Coalition of Hindus of North America (CoHNA) welcomed Senator David Kaminsky’s decision to withdraw a bill that would require New York schools to teach the Swastika as a symbol of hatred and intolerance. The decision comes against the backdrop of intense public outrage around the bill from the Hindu, Buddhist and Jain communities across New York and the United States, and the negative impact that such a bill may have on students from these traditions who attend New York schools along with those outside of these traditions.

Over 3 Billion people from the Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Native American, and other traditions consider the Swastika and its equivalents as symbols of peace, well-being, and prosperity. Teaching the Swastika as a symbol of hatred rather than the Hakenkreuz (“hooked cross”) – the symbol used by Hitler and Nazi Germany – would further perpetuate the popular misconception about a sacred sign as a sign of death and destruction.