Renowned journalist Francois Gautier’s Twitter account suspended!

  • Twitter’s Hindu-phobia and hatred for India exposed!
  • His book ‘An Entirely New History of India’, which challenges British imperialism, is speculated to be the reason behind this action!
  • Twitter’s action exposes its hypocrisy, it preaches a sovereign and democratic India on ‘protecting’ freedom of speech, while stifling voices of truth. O’ Hindus, it is necessary to unite against Twitter’s arrogance!
  • It has been said a lot of times that India’s history needs to be rewritten; however, no steps are being taken. It is shameful to us that a French journalist needs to tell this, while it is expected that the Govt. of India takes the initiative. The govt. must seek clarification from the Twitter regarding its actions!

New Delhi – Twitter has arbitrarily suspended renowned journalist and Hindutva supporter Francois Gautier’s account. The action has incited a severe backlash amongst the Hindutva loyalists with the hashtag #ISupportGautier trending on Twitter on 9th March.

Garuda Prakashan, the publishing house, has published Gautier’s ‘An Entirely New History of India’.

The book was unveiled by Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan on 5th March. In his book, Gautier has slammed the British imperialism and Western countries for presenting a concocted history of India. Shri. Sankrant Sanu of Garuda Prakashan said that the book is the reason why Gautier’s Twitter account has been suspended. Earlier, Gautier has also brought the genocide of Kashmiri Hindus and Aurangzeb’s tyranny on to global platforms.

Brief summary of Gautier’s book ‘An Entirely New History of India’!

Indian History needs to be re-examined and freed from colonial biases and error. Driven by Christian belief in a 6000-year old planet, British scholars, and their Indian hires, post-dated Indian history to fit into erroneous Western conceptions. The Aryan invasion theory is just another part of this conspiracy. They have also regarded Saraswati river as a myth despite being mentioned over 60 times in Vedas. Francois Gautier has further exposed the truth of a repentant Ashoka embracing Buddhism after the Kalinga war. Altogether, Gautier has rewritten the Indian history and has presented each fact based on scientific, linguistic and biological research.