7 people including 1 terrorist dead in the Jihadi attack in Austria

Even European countries have to face Jihadi terrorism now. Therefore all countries should now unitedly take action against it !

Vienna (Austria) – Vienna, the capital of Austria faced a Jihadi terrorist attack on 2nd November. Seven people including 1 terrorist are dead and many injured including the Police officials. Terrorists carried out reckless firing at 6 different locations in Vienna. One terrorist was killed in the encounter with the Police. The Police have urged people to be alert and to stay away from all kinds of rumours. Security has been increased on a large scale after this attack. Austrian Interior Minister suspected that this could be a terrorist attack and urged people to stay home. He added that it was yet not clear if this was a reaction of the terrorist attack that took place in France as an outrage for drawing Mohammad Paigambar’s caricatures.’

Austria was to impose new national restrictions to try to stem rising cases of coronavirus. On the backdrop, people had crowded at the public places.

”We will not condescend in front of terrorism !’  – Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has strongly condemned the terrorist attack. He said, “Police and Security Forces would definitely find out the source of this conspiracy. We will never condescend in front of terrorism”.