Himalayan arc poised for a sequence of great earthquakes, says study

Representational Image (Courtesy – The Indian Express)

New Delhi – A major earthquake may take place in the Himalayan mountain range. The severity of this earthquake may be up to 8 on the Richter scale. This calamity may destroy lives and properties in the high population density areas. Research scholars have indicated such a likelihood.

An article published in the August issue of magazine ‘Seismological Research Letters’ predicted a future earthquake. This article is based on the geological formulae and studies of the previous earthquake affected areas.

The research scholar, author, professor of Geology and Seismology, and the Director of ‘Centre for Neotectonic Studies’ at the Nevada University in Reno in the US, Steven Wesnousky said,’ The entire Himalayan mountain range, from Arunachal Pradesh in the east to Pakistan in the west, the complete region experienced major earthquakes in the past. The region may experience earthquakes again. Maybe the next major earthquake will be in our lifetime.

The professor at  the ‘Indian Institute of Science Education and Research’ Kolkata, Supriyo Mitra said, ‘The cities such as Chandigarh, Dehradun, and Kathmandu in Nepal are close to the earthquake-prone region. Even the national capital, New Delhi may experience earthquakes.