Christians are forced to do manual scavenging work in Pakistan

Why do the Christians in India or Vatican City who raise their voice over so-called atrocities perpetrated on Christians in India not say anything of the plight of Christians in Pakistan ?

Islamabad (Pakistan) – Only the minuscule Christian community living in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, who is in the minority is forced into manual scavenging, reported The New York Times. They work under inhuman conditions and have to clean clogged sewers without masks or gloves. As such, there has been a surge in the number of deaths of Christian sewer cleaners.

Municipalities in Pakistan rely heavily on Christians for manual scavenging as Muslims refuse to clean the gutters and the Christian minorities have few other employment options. According to one estimate by the rights group, even though Christians constitute 1.6% of the population, they account for 80% sanitation workers. They are paid measly Rs. 500 on cleaning 3 gutters. The Pakistan Army had advertised in July 2019 for the requirement of scavengers. The advertisement mentioned that only Christians need to apply. After hue and cry raised by some organisations, this condition was withdrawn.