Please send us write ups on your family members who perform spiritual practice from home and are progressing spiritually

Some Sanatan seekers are performing full-time samashti sadhana (Spiritual practice for the spread of Spirituality and protection of the Nation & Dharma) besides performing vyashti sadhana (Individual spiritual practice).

Some of these seekers spread Spirituality while others live in Sanatan’s Ashrams and perform satseva.

The parents or relatives of such seekers perform spiritual practice from home through various spiritual Paths. They have been performing spiritual practice for long and since they have allowed their seekers to perform full-time spiritual practice, they too have sacrificed greatly for Sat (Absolute Truth).

Due to this, certain spiritual changes such as developing a radiant face, reduced personality defects, increase in prembhav (Love) and Anand (Bliss), communion with God, etc. may be noticed in the family member. The environment in their home changes positively with increase in their spiritual practice.

If seekers can send write ups about such family members, other seekers and their family members too can learn and get direction for their spiritual growth.

Seekers are requested to send write ups in the following format :

1. Spiritual practice being performed by the family member

2. The family member’s spiritual experiences

3. How did the family members help the seeker who is performing full-time spiritual practice

4. Changes observed in the family members as well as at home

The write up should be unique and concise. Do attach the family member’s photo with the write up.

E-mail : [email protected]

Postal address : Mrs Bhagyashree Sawant, c/o Sanatan Ashram, 24/B, Ramnathi, Bandora, Ponda, Goa – 403 401.

– Spiritual Text Section, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa.