Oust the dictatorship : Rare agitations started against Xi Jinping all over the world, along with China !

President Xi Jinping

Beijing (China) – After his securing a third term as the President, there are protests against President Xi Jinping of China. Such protests are spreading in many countries all over the world. There are slogans raised against the communist Government of ‘Oust the dictatorship’.

1. There is a group of unknown Chinese citizens named ‘Voice of CN’ supporting democracy, who have an Instagram account. As per the news of ‘Bloomberg’, the agitations have started in 8 cities in China through this account, including the capital city of Beijing and Hong Kong. These agitations have even spread to Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the USA, and other places. More than 200 Universities have extended support to these agitations demanding overthrowing of Jinping.

2. Many photographs and videos of such slogans raising against Jinping are received by this group. Many slogans are written in washrooms and even on notice boards of schools.

3. Citizens openly staging agitations against Jinping in China can be put behind bars. A poster was displayed on a bridge in Beijing, on which it was written that ‘Xi Jinping is not a great leader.’ The Government then imposed a ban on the concerned video and the use of such words written on the poster. The ban is imposed on the use of these words, even on the internet.

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