Bringing Shri Ganapati Idol home for worship

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1. The head of the family, along with other members of the household, should go to bring the Idol home from its sculptor.

2. The individual holding the Idol should wear Hindu attire, that is, kurta-dhoti or kurta-pyjama. He should also wear a topi (Bharatiya cap).

3. While bringing the Idol, cover it with a clean silk, cotton or khadi cloth. The face of the Idol should be towards the individual holding it. The front of the Idol emits saguntattva (Materialised Principle), while the rear portion emits nirguntattva (Non-materialised Principle). The individual who holds the Idol is the worshipper. He represents sagun activity. Since he faces the front of the Idol he gets the benefit of saguntattva, while others get the benefit of nirguntattva.

4. Bring the Idol home while hailing Shri Ganapati’s Name loudly and chanting His Name with bhav (Spiritual emotion).

5. Stand outside the entrance of the house. A married woman from the household should first pour milk and then water on the feet of the individual holding the Idol.

6. Before entering the house, turn the Idol around so that it faces the front. Perform aukshan (Ritual of waving a lit lamp) of the Idol.

7. Place some rice grains on a wooden seat where the Idol is to be worshipped and place the Idol on the wooden seat.

8. Use rangoli patterns (that attract the Shri Ganapati Principle) for decoration around Shri Ganapati.

Avoid the use of thermocol for making decorative frames

While making a decorative frame for Shri Ganapati Idol, do not use thermocol.

1. Thermocol is not biodegradable and its use is harmful for the environment. Since it is the result of a chemical process, it is Raja-Tama-predominant. Such a Raja-Tama-predominant product cannot absorb sattvikta. On the contrary, it emits Raja-Tama-predominant vibrations into the environment.

2. Instead, use banana leaves for making a decorative arch. There is more sattvikta in such structures.

Reference : Sanatan’s Holy Text ‘Shri Ganapati’

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