Christian missionaries attempt to convert a Hindu family into Christianity by luring them with birth of a male child

Villagers had detained the Christian missionaries, but the Police released them !

Editorial comments

  • Congratulations to the villagers who are alert and united against the Christian missionaries. Due to the lack of anti-conversion laws in the country, the missionaries are on the loose. Given this, the Central Government needs to enact anti-conversion law as soon as possible !
  • The Police don’t want to take any action against the missionaries who deceive Hindus and convert them, rather they release these missionaries even if they (missionaries) are caught by the villagers. Can this attitude of the Police be taken as hatred for Hindus and love for Christianity ?

Ramgarh (Jharkhand) – In an outrageous incident that unfolded in a small village of Jharkhand, Christian missionaries were caught luring a Hindu family with the birth of a male offspring if the latter converted to Christianity. Karma Karmali, a resident of Ganjudih Tola village, had four daughters and was expecting a son. Christian missionaries forced him to convert, telling him that a son would be born if he became a Christian. Six Christian missionaries had come to the village to convert his family. Upon learning this, the villagers caught hold of the missionaries. After receiving this information, the Police arrived and released the missionaries.