Bangladeshi Hindus facing persecution for the last 50 years! – American politician Tulsi Gabbard

  • A US politician talks about the persecution of Bangladeshi Hindus. How many Hindu Indian politicians do this in India? This is a shame for Indian politicians!
  • Hindus are being persecuted by various means, not only in Bangladesh but also in most Islamic countries. The establishment of a Hindu Rashtra is the only way to put an end to this!
Tulsi Gabbard

New Delhi –  Hindus are being tortured in Bangladesh since the last 50 years. In 1971, Pak army killed millions of Bengali Hindus. Women were raped and millions of Hindus were expelled. Thousands were killed in Dhaka University. In a video regarding the recent attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh, American leader Tulsi Gabbard regretted that even after the independence of Bangladesh, the chain of atrocities on Hindus has not ended.

She appealed to the leaders of USA and other nations to initiate corrective measures against those extremist ideologies that hold non-Muslims in contempt. She sounded the warning bell that failure to do so would enable the jihadi forces to spread terror throughout the world.