Get Divinity Not Sin 

 Avoid using chemical colours !

Earlier, natural colours were used in Holi and Ranga Panchami; however, these have been replaced by artificial colours, leading to health hazards for the people.

Hazards of chemical colours

In 2001, research conducted by companies such as ‘Toxic Link’ and ‘Vatavaran’ in New Delhi said that all the 3 forms of colours available (paste, powder and liquid) are dangerous for human health. Poisonous chemicals found in the paste and their adverse effects are as follows. Colours used in the form of powder have asbestos or silica which are harmful for the skin. In liquid colours, there is gentian violet which can change the colour of the skin and lead to skin cancer.

Enjoy the Holi festival but avoid hideous exhibition !

The religious nature of Holi has completely changed with time and it has taken a very bad, a kind of hideous, obscene form. On this day, one gets to see the depth of depravity a human being can stoop to. Different kinds of beastly things are happening on this day such as – shouting, abusing with bad words, blackening each other’s faces, dancing after consuming liquor, etc. Such things are not done by the respectable and decent Hindu community. We proudly claim that the Hindu community abides by Sanatan Principles, is very progressive in its thinking and cultural matters; whereas people from the same community take to such hideous activities. This is so unfortunate.

For many years now, malpractices have been taking place during the celebration of the Holi festival. These malpractices are harmful to Dharma, culture and society. Hindus should be firm and make efforts to stop the abovementioned malpractices.

Hindus should also create awareness about the wrongdoings such as the forcible collection of donations, stealing wood to burn the Holi fire, etc.