Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale striving for the welfare of mankind by inventing unique spiritual remedies for the coming severe adverse times !

Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale believes that Sanatan’s mission is successful and expanding rapidly all over the world due to His Guru, Saint Bhaktaraj Maharaj. All writings, research work, inspiration for spreading Dharma and protecting the Nation are possible with Saint Bhaktaraj Maharaj’s blessings !

Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale, the inventor of unique spiritual remedies !

Ordinary human beings are curious about learning the subtle cause-effect relationship of events taking place in the world around them or in their life.

Later, during the journey in spiritual practice, a seeker comes across questions such as ‘where did I come from ?’, ‘what is my goal ?’, ‘what is my destination ?’ Having curiosity is a vital virtue in performing spiritual practice. It is because of curiosity, that the seeker remains in a learning mode and tries to put the knowledge obtained into practice.

According to Maharshi, Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale’s mission is incarnate in nature. Hence, the curiosity in Him is for the welfare of society.

The seed of the unique research conducted by Him about the subtle world lies in His curious attitude. While working as a Hypnotherapist, He observed that 70% of His patients used to get cured. He realised that the rest 30% of patients do not get cured. He did not stop there. With a curious attitude, He tried to find out and understand why these patients do not get cured, where do they get cured.

He did not stop here either, rather, He invented easy and simple remedies to treat spiritual distress, and paved the way for society to become self-reliant in eliminating spiritual distress.

Some people who suffer from spiritual distress visit imposters and fake tantriks to get their distress cured, thus wasting their valuable time, energy and money.

Spiritual remedies invented by Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale are free-of-cost and simple. Hundreds of people have experienced the effectiveness of these spiritual remedies.

Even if we express immense gratitude unto Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale, who has invented these spiritual remedies, it will not be enough !

Learning about the spiritual remedies due to His curiousity !

After starting spiritual practice, I realised, due to my curious attitude, that the reasons for illness is not only physical and psychological, but spiritual as well. Then, I understood the importance of removal of personality defects and ego process in spiritual practice.

By getting rid of personality defects and ego, an individual becomes sattvik (Spiritually pure) and then most of his psychological distress gets eliminated. If the distress is not getting cured, I learnt that the cause is spiritual in nature; for example, some blockage in the Kundalini-chakras and distress caused by negative energies, and performing spiritual practice is the only way to cure them.

When at the age of 44, I was convinced about performing spiritual practice rather than working as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I became a full-time disciple of my Guru.

Later, when I progressed in spiritual practice, I could study subjects such as what are the different types of negative energies, how they function, what is their effect on humans and the environment, why do they cause distress to humans and symptoms of such distress, etc.

I could invent new and unique spiritual remedies to eliminate the distress caused by negative energies. For example, alternate chanting of two different Names, placing sattvik pictures of Deities or Name-strips on the Kundalini-chakras of the body. I could also invent various remedies for treating physical, psychological and spiritual problems of humans. For example, Empty-box remedies, Pranashakti flow remedies. Many Texts have also been published on these remedies. This was possible only due to my curious attitude.

– Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale

Empty-box remedies (Placing boxes around while chanting)

There is vacuum in an empty box and Ether Principle in the vacuum. In 2005, Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale first experimented with the spiritual remedies performed with the Ether Principle in the empty boxes and later, got these performed by seekers. Based on this research, He invented the empty-box remedies.

Remedies of chanting various Names of Deities, etc.

Chanting of words like ‘Shunya’, ‘Mahashunya’, ‘Nirgun’, ‘Om’ as well as ‘0 to 9’ numbers can also help in treating ailments. Numbers chanted in Sanskrut are more effective. To increase the effectiveness of chanting a Deity’s Name, prefixing or suffixing the chant with 1 or 2 ‘Om’ as well as doing alternate chanting are novel spiritual remedies.

Placing pictures or Name-strips of Deities on Kundalini-chakras

If there is a obstacle in the Pranashakti flow in the body from a specific Kundalini-chakra, there is an ailment in the body part related to that Kundalini-chakra. Placing sattvik pictures or Name-strip of specific Deities on the Kundalini-chakra provides Chaitanya (Divine consciousness) to the affected parts.

Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale’s mission is incarnate in nature. Hence, the curiosity in Him is for the welfare of society !