Pakistan forces Hindu and Christian girls to marry Chinese men as concubines ! – US official

Would Pakistan and China together ever work for good ? The world should stand together against both these countries to boycott them !

Administrative Officer Samuel Brownback

Washington (US) – United States Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom Samuel Brownback has claimed that, ‘Hindu and Christian girls from Pakistan are forced to marry Chinese men as concubines.’

  1. Brownback added, young girls from Pakistani minorities are forced to marry Chinese men. China considers them as ‘concubines’. Since they do not have sufficient support they are being mistreated. Because of the one-child policy imposed by China for decades, there is an acute shortage of women in the country. Chinese men marry young girls from Pakistan and use them as slaves. Some poor Pakistanis make their daughters marry Chinese men for money. These sham marriages break down in few months.
  2. Brownback was questioned why India was not on the Country of particular concern (CPC) list, to which he said said that while in Pakistan, a lot of the actions against minorities are taken by the government, it was not the case in India. He also pointed out that Pakistan has half of the world’s people that are locked up for apostasy or blasphemy.