Bangladesh relocates Rohingyas to an island in the Bay of Bengal

Human rights organizations protest move citing cyclone threat

Would it be wrong if Indians also ask that India send Rohingya and Bangladeshi infilitrators to the island?

Dhaka – Due to religious violence in Myanmar, 1 lakh  Rohingya Muslims are living as refugees in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is now going to send them to live on the Bhashan Char Island (‘floating island’ in Bengali) in the Bay of Bengal. In the first phase, 1640 Rohingyas have been sent there. This decision of Bangladesh is being opposed as there is a danger of the low lying island getting submerged due to cyclones. The island has been deserted for a year now.


  1. Saad Hammadi, the coordinator of Amnesty International, for South Asia has said that sending Rohingyas to such an island is a matter of concern for human rights. Journalists also cannot go there without permission. Many Rohingyas are being sent there against their wishes.
  2. Bangladesh claims that many Rohingyas are ready to go to the island. They have been assured of being provided with large houses and facilities. Bangladesh also claimed that the island has basic facilities to conduct rescue operations during an emergency.