Ahead of US election results, Police prepare for violence and disruption

Clashes outside the White House

Violence erupts after elections not only in India, but also in the US

Washington (USA) – Two groups clashed outside the White House, the President’s residence, during the counting od votes in U.S. Presidential election. The clashes erupted between supporters of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement and Trump supporters. The Police security has been beefed up after the incident. Tensions between the Police and the activists were also high as aggressive sloganeering by both groups continued.

(Courtesy – CBS Miami)

Violence is being feared in the United States following the election results. Against that background, National Guards have been deployed in 16 US states. Los Angeles and New York Police have also begun to be vigilant to ensure law and order is not compromised. Fear of violence had prompted citizens to buy large quantities of guns before the polls.

Huge protection for the Trump Tower

The Trump Tower in Manhattan has been heavily guarded for fear of post-election violence. The entire tower is surrounded by armed Police. Trump used to live in this building. In some places, shopkeepers have installed plywood to protect the glass in their shops.