Saudi Arabia depicted Jammu- Kashmir and Ladakh separate from India in the map !

Saudi Arabia’s anti- India act in G20 summit !

India protested : Possibility of boycotting the summit

Mere lodging protest and boycott are not enough but India should reply in the language Saudi Arabia understands !

New Delhi – Saudi Arabia has published a map on the occasion of the G20 summit. Jammu- Kashmir and Ladakh are shown separate from India in this map. India has protested in this regard in strong words. ‘If corrective steps are not taken to change the map, India may not remain present in the G20 summit scheduled in the next month’, clarified India.

On the backdrop of G20 summit, Saudi Arabia has released a 20 Riyal banknote. The note features Saudi King Salman and the G20 summit logo on one side while the other side highlights participants of G20. This map depicts Jammu- Kashmir and Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) as a separate territory from India. There is no depiction of Gilgit and Baltistan territory from the PoK in the map at all.

G20 consists of the following countries

Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, the United States, France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, European Union, Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, India, Indonesia, Japan, Republic of Korea, China and Australia