New Delhi restaurateurs distribute free food to Rohingya infiltrators on the festive occasion of Navaratri!

Have these restaurateurs turned a blind eye towards the poor Indians or Pakistani Hindu refugees for food charity during Navaratri ? Such people are responsible for making India a shelter of choice for infiltrators.

New Delhi – On the festive occasion of Navaratri, few Delhi restaurants such as ‘The Market place’, ‘Josh – The High Energy’ and ‘Swagath Restro Bar’ are distributing free food among the Rohingya community living in the Jasola slum.

Shivam Sehgal, the owner of ‘Josh – The High Energy’ told that the food is above the religion and culture. It makes no difference to whom we feed. This is one of the reasons to spread happiness during the festive season. One receives blessings by feeding the underprivileged.

Varun Ahuja of ‘Swagath Restro Bar’ told that he has been feeding people for quite a few years and considers it to be a part of Indian culture.

Mohammed Shirajullah, a Rohingya refugee, said, “India has been more receptive with hospitality as compared to Myanmar. People donated food, oil, soap bars, shampoo, etc. amid the Covid crisis.”

Another refugee Usman said, “Till date, nobody has demanded us to produce any sort of identity or documents. India has been facilitating us. We are grateful for this.” (Not demanding the identity or documents is a kind of aid to the infiltrators. Given which, they would remain grateful to India. It is shameful for the Indian administration, the Police and the system! – Editor)