Strict action initiated against religious fanatics in France after the beheading of a teacher 

Planning to ban 51 Islamic organisations

When France initiated actions just after one incident, while India remained inactive during the three decades of jihadi terrorism in the country. All rulers so far are responsible for this.

Paris (France) – French Police have cracked down on jihadis after a teacher was beheaded by a religious fanatic for showing a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad in a school classroom, in Paris. Investigations have been launched at more than 80 places and 51 Islamic organisations are being considered for imposition a ban on them. These include some large organisations. Not only that, but 213 foreigners will also be deported from France. About 150 of them are currently in French prisons. They are accused of pursuing Islamic fundamentalism.

Action is also being taken against those who support the religious fanatic that killed the teacher. Four members of the fanatic’s family have been arrested so far, as well as his father, who wrote against the teacher on social media. The name of the fanatic who beheaded the teacher is ‘Abdullakh Anjorokh’. He came to France as a refugee when he was 6 years old. (Considering how fanatic the refugees are and the violence they inflict in the country where they get shelter; we should learn that India should never give shelter to such fanatical refugees ! Also, expel the infiltrating Bangladeshi and Rohingya Muslims as soon as possible ! – Editor)