Ban the film ‘Lakshmi Bomb’ since it promotes ‘Love Jihad’ ! – Demand Hindus on social media

If Hindus continue to protest on large scale unitedly, then it would be possible to ban the film like the ‘Tanishq Jewellery’ advertisement !

News Delhi – ‘The film ‘Lakshmi Bomb’, in which lead role was played by Akshay Kumar should be banned’ is a strong demand by Hindus on social media at present.  The demand is based on the reason that it promotes ‘Love Jihad’. The demand is being pushed on social media after the trailer of this film was released recently. The of the film is named Asif while the heroin is named ‘Priya Yadav’.  Thus Muslim youth and a Hindu girl are shown in the relationship. The film producer is ‘Shabana Khan’. Also since the film is named as ‘Lakshmi Bomb’ it is into demand to ban the film.  Actor K.K. R had already protested against the film. This film is a remake of Tamil film ‘Kanchana’

An example of how people are reacting to the movie !

Questions on the social media

Why the name ‘Lakshmi ? And why ‘Lakshmi Bomb’

If the central character of the film is named Asif then..

  • Why not Shabana Bomb ?
  • Why not Salma Bomb?
  • Why not Jamila Bomb?
  • Why not Nusrat Bomb?
  • Why not Ayesha Bomb?
  • Why not Fatima Bomb? Etc.