The Bharat Mata statue covered with a cloth as demanded by Christian missionaries in Kanyakumari, reinstated after protests by Hindus

Christian missionaries insulting Bharat Mata like this are traitors. The Tamil Nadu Government should take action against them.

The Hindu-hating media which has been enslaved by the Christian missionaries will never publish this news.

Kanyakumari (Tamil Nadu) – The Bharat Mata statue was situated on the premises of Issaki Amman Temple, which is reportedly 200 years old. The site is private property. The owner had installed a statue of Bharat Mata and had embellished it with a Tri-colour saree. It was covered with a cloth by the administration due to an objection raised by Christian missionaries. BJP MP Vijay informed on Twitter, ‘This act of the administration was vehemently opposed by the local patriots. Later, the statue was reinstated’.


‘Hindu Makkal Katchi’, a devout Hindu organisation, protested against the incident. Mr. Arjun Sampath (President of ‘Hindu Makkal Katchi’) said, “Bharat Mata is the mother of all Indians’.