Take stern action against traitors from certain caste who disrupt the fight against Coronavirus

Advocate of Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad H.H. Suresh Kulkarni’s demand to the Union Home Minister

Aurangabad (Maharashtra) – Everyone from the Prime Minister to the well-informed citizens, doctors, nurses and Police constables are working day and night to fight the coronavirus. ‘The Union Home Ministry should take concrete steps to curb the activities of traitors from certain caste who disrupt the fight’, demanded H.H. Suresh Kulkarni the Secretary of the Bar Association, practising in the Aurangabad High Court and Advocate of the Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad, while writing a letter to the Union Home Minister.

Advocate H.H. Suresh Kulkarni further states in his letter…

  1. Currently the situation is dire during the coronavirus epidemic. Earlier, after imposing a one-day public curfew, the Prime Minister immediately announced a seven-day lockdown. It was extended further. During this period, Hindus celebrated Holi, Gudhipadva, Shriramnavami, Hanuman Jayanti, Parashuram Jayanti and Basaveshwar Jayanti in their homes in peace, following all the rules. The Uttar Pradesh Government had to impose the National Security Act (NSA) to curb any untoward practices.
  2. This shows that these traitors are threatening to wage war against the Government by endangering law and order in the country. They have no fear of the law. Now, even if they are arrested and charged, the political parties will withdraw the cases for voting reasons in the future; because, this has also happened in Bhima-Koregaon case.
  3. Attacks on Hindu Saints and Sadhus have also increased in the country. The incident of attack on sadhus at Muktidham Ashram in Mewat is fresh.
  4. However, considering all the above circumstances, necessary steps should be taken, requested H.H. Suresh Kulkarni to the Union Home Secretary.