Hindu population down to zero in 25 years, in 50 villages in Mewat (Hariyana) – VHP report

Shocking information in a report by VHP

Hariyana is a BJP governed State. Hindus feel that the Government should investigate and work towards the rehabilitation of Hindus.

Are there many other districts, like Mewat, in India where similar is happening ? It must be investigated now.

Revadi (Haryana) – In the Muslim majority district of Mewat, in the last 25 years, in 50 villages the Hindu population has reduced to zero. No Hindu is present in these villages. This shocking fact was revealed by a report by VHP. A three-member committee formed by VHP, to study atrocities by Muslim in this region, submitted the report to the Central Government Ministers. Major Gen. G.D. Bakshi, Swami Dharmdev and Consul Chandrakant Sharma were members of this committee. Dr Surendrakumar Jain, International Joint General Secretary of VHP demanded action from the State Government as per this report.

The points highlighted in the report.

1. There is a conspiracy in Mewat against Hindu and India. Hindus are fleeing as a result of atrocities.

2. Sexual exploitation of Hindu women is very common.

3. There is an encroachment on personal, public properties of Hindu and temples.

4. Contempt of religious symbols of Hindu. Anyone opposing is attacked by hundreds of fanatics.

5. Broadcast of hatred material about India and Hindu on social media.

6. Attacks on Saints. Punhana and Nagina region witnessed more tyranny.

7. Forceful conversion of Hindus.

8. Construction of Mosques with funds from extremists.

Demands of VHP :

1. Replace all Government officers with independent neutral officers.

2. Head of the Police station should be responsible for barbarity on Hindus in the jurisdiction.

3. A centre of paramilitary force should be established and force deployed.

4. Black money and illegal arms should be investigated by NIA and initiate stern action.

5. Probe Rohingya and Bangladesh infiltrators.