Tirupati, Srikalahasti, Kanipakkam temples’ rest houses in Andhra Pradesh open doors for COVID-19 suspects

Why is it that we hear news that premises of Hindu temples have been given to the local administration to treat COVID-19 patients, but there is no such news about other religious offering their worship places ?

Why Secularism-fanatics do not ask other religions to do the same ? Or do they believe that such generosity and Secularism should be displayed only by Hindus ?

Compare Hindus, who offer their temple’s rest houses for COVID-19 patients, with religious-fanatics, who attack corona fighters – medical staff and the Police – from their place of worship !

Amravati (Andhra Pradesh) – In Andhra Pradesh, schools and temples are being used as quarantine centres for coronavirus patients. Some buildings owned by the temple managements of Tirumala Tirupati, Srikalahasti and Kanipakam have been designated as COVID-19 quarantine centres. Chittoor Collector Dr Bharath Gupta said that 100 rooms of one block of Padmavati Nilayam, 88 rooms at Kanipakkam and 14 rooms at Srikalahasti are presently set aside as quarantine centres.

Srinivas lodge and Madhavam lodge belonging to the Tirupati temple are the biggest lodges. At present, migrant workers and destitute from other States have been accommodated in these lodges. A lodge close to the railway station has been also given for this purpose. In addition, the temple distributes 1.4 lakh food packets daily with the help of 500 temple employees.

187 people, including several connected to Nizamuddin Markaz, are in Padmavati Nilayam presently while about 40 such persons staying in Kanipakam ‘were sent back home after tests showed them as negative.’

The Kanipakkam temple of Shri Ganesh is a big temple in Andhra Pradesh’s Chittoor district. It has also been designated as the quarantine centre. Patients of all religions are being treated here and those who have recovered been discharged. This building is located 300 metres from the temple.

Ganga sadan of Srikalahasti temple of Deity Shiva has been also given for treating the corona patients. This building is located at 1 km from the temple. 70 patients of different religions were kept here, but now they have been moved to a different place. The guest house is vacant now.