Negligible possibility of 3rd wave of coronavirus striking India : Dr Ravi Godse, USA

New Delhi – There is a negligible possibility of the 3rd wave of coronavirus striking India because although the number of coronavirus or omicron affected people is increasing, very few are getting hospitalised. When the number of affected people getting hospitalised increases rapidly in the country, that time it can be said that ‘the 3rd wave has struck the country,’ said renowned US doctor, Dr Ravi Godse. He has tweeted some ‘Dos and Don’ts’. He had tweeted a few days ago that ‘Omicron is nonsense !’ Now he has tweeted that ‘Omicron is bad news, for Delta’.

Dr Godse said,

1. Even though many people have been affected by Omicron, they don’t show any symptoms. Hence, those who don’t have any symptoms, should not go for any tests.

2. Vaccination has been done on a large scale in India. Still, more stress has to be given on vaccination. For those who have taken two doses, the severity of Omicron decreases by 60%, whereas for those who have taken three doses, the severity reduces by 81%.