Defence Minister Rajnath Singh’s Covid-19 infection will mentally affect Indian soldiers : Global Times, China

Outrageous statement by ‘The Global Times’, the mouthpiece of China’s communist Government

Editorial comments

  • China should first take care of its own soldiers who cannot survive in the cold region of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh before trying to demoralise Indian soldiers ! China should not forget that Indian soldiers have fought successful battles for the country in several unfavourable terrains such as Kargil and Siachen no matter how hostile circumstances were.
  • India should respond to such mischiefs of China in a language that it understands !

New Delhi – The Chinese Government’s mouthpiece ‘The Global Times’ has reported that India’s Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has been infected with Covid-19. The newspaper said that Singh’s Covid-19 infection would mentally affect the Indian soldiers stationed on the Indo-China border.

The Global Times quoted Qian Feng, Director of a college at Tsinghua University, as saying, ‘The contagion of such a high-ranking Indian official shows that the Covid pandemic is now affecting not only Indian citizens but also their troops. The number of troops at the border will have to be reduced to curb the spread of the virus. This will put pressure on soldiers serving on the border as they will be in fewer numbers’. (Seemingly China is manipulating India to withdraw its troops from the border. Indians will not fall prey to such Chinese gimmicks ! – Editor)

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