Wash hands properly after handling currency notes, appeals IBA

New Delhi – In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, banking lobby Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) has appealed to people to wash their hands properly after touching or counting currency for at least 20 seconds. IBA has also asked customers to use online and mobile banking channels for making their transactions and avoid visiting bank branches as it could pose a risk to banks’ front desk staff. Assuring that IBA and all its member banks would provide uninterrupted banking services, it appealed to customers to visit branch premises only in the case of absolute necessity. “Our employees are also facing the same challenges that you all are and so, we are asking for your help too”.

It said all the non-essential banking services, internet banking, mobile banking and electronic payment options such as RTGS and NEFT can be availed. “We are working round-the-clock to ensure all our digital channels are up-to-date and have all information that you need”, it said.