Netizens trend #BoycottNirma for mocking ‘Maratha warriors’ in Nirma advertisement

Hindus do not know what is denigration of the Nation & Dharma ! Who will teach them this ?

In an advertisement of Nirma Washing Powder, Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is shown as the King of Maratha soldiers, all in soiled clothes. The womenfolk get annoyed with the state of the clothes, to which Akshay Kumar retorts, ‘Maharaj aur uski sena dushman ko dhona jaanti hai, aur apne kapde bhi’(The King’s army can thrash the enemy as well as wash clothes !)

The actor then uses Nirma Washing Powder to wash his clothes and dances funnily with other dancers. A complaint has been filed against Akshay Kumar.

Due to these developments, many Hindus took to Twitter to express their anger against mockery of brave Maratha warriors and demanded that makers of Nirma washing powder, Akshay Kumar and makers of the advertisement apologise for this insult. Twitterati also demanded that the advertisement be removed immediately from all platforms. Hashtag #BoycottNirma soon became one of the top national Twitter trends in India.