Attackers in JNU were students of Left groups : Delhi Police

President of JNUSU Aishe Ghosh also participated in the attack

Why are the people who were holding devout Hindus responsible for JNU violence quiet now ? Or have they lost trust in the Police ?

The history of Communist organisations and parties is replete with cruelty. Naxals are their ‘Comrades’. The progressive elements do not raise their voice over this !

New Delhi – In a Press Conference, the Police administration told reporters that 9 attackers in the JNU violence have been identified. Of these, 7 are associated with leftist group students while 2 are from Hindu organisations. They haven’t been arrested yet. The Police showed their photos as well as CCTV footage. In early January 2020, masked miscreants entered Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) and attacked some students.

Joy Tirkey, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), further said that Student Unions – Student Front of India (SFI), All India Students Federation (AISF), All India Students Association (AISA)and Democratic Students Federation (DSF) had opposed online enrolment of second-year students to JNU. The attackers beat up security guards, kicked out the staff from the computer room and vandalised servers.

The attacks were well planned, that is, they knew which building block and the room was the target. They also knew which CCTV and WiFi were not working. If it were to be outsiders, they would not have known such details. Some new WhatsApp groups were created on 5tth January 2020. On the same day, at 3.45 p.m., the Periyar hostel of JNU was attacked. Its CCTV footage was not available. The Police identified the attackers with the help of students, administration and teachers.

Delhi Police acting out of grudge : Aishe Ghosh’s tantrum

I have complete faith in the country’s law and order. I am also accused of violence, but a case has not been filed against me. I have proof of how I was attacked. We have not done anything wrong. We are not afraid of the Delhi Police. We will face all the issues democratically. Delhi Police acted out of grudge against us.