If every Hindu family tends to 2 cows, there would be no need for Goshalas in India – Adv. Alok Tiwari, Vice President, Vice President, Janbaz Hindustani Seva Samiti, Uttar Pradesh

Many feel that the government is not doing anything to stop cow slaughter. When a cow stops giving milk, our own Hindus sell her.

Need vigilance committees to rescue victims of Love Jihad – Advocate Shailesh Kulkarni, Bombay High Court, Goa.

Religious fanatics introduce themselves as Hindus to Hindu girls, and later wed her. As the girl is already under the boy’s spell, she does not leave him and starts acting as he tells.

Associate with smaller organisations to work for Hindutva – Pujya Shri Rambalak Das Ji Mahatyagi Maharaj, Sanchalak, Shri Jamdi Pateshwar Seva Sansthan, Pateshwardha, Chhattisgarh

Merely making an announcement will not bring in the Hindu Rashtra. There is a need to work directly for the establishment of Hindu Rashtra. The energy of Hindus is divided into various activities.