Remove all Illicit structures voluntarily !

the Hazrat Khawaja Shaikh Salauddin Dargah above the Puneshwar Temple in Kasba Peth

Muslim invaders built the Hazrat Khawaja Shaikh Salauddin Dargah above the Puneshwar Temple in Kasba Peth, after which Pune city is named. BJP MLA Nitesh Rane and Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) along with devout Hindu organisations recently protested about this and a case was also filed in connection with the illicit construction of the Dargah there. After this, the trustees of the Dargah said that they will themselves remove the illicit construction.

Looking at the overall aggressive mind-set of the Muslims and their willingness to voluntarily demolish the illicit construction is in a way a consequence of the unity of Hindus currently noticed in the country. However, Hindus expect that Muslims must further admit that building a dargah on the site of a temple is itself fundamentally wrong. Still, this incident shows what can happen when Hindus unite and receive support – political as well as from the Police.

Tejas Patil, a local resident of Navi Mumbai, had demanded action against the illicit construction of a madarasa which was on CIDCO’s commercial plot in Ghansoli for the last 8 years. CIDCO officials and the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation issued notices to the encroachers. After being warned of action, they voluntarily removed the illicit construction some days ago. The complaint was made on behalf of the entire Hindu community.

Last month, another mosque on a Government land in Navi Mumbai was removed voluntarily following protests and complaints by devout Hindus. Similar actions will supposedly continue to take place in this area. In short, due to the pressure of devout Hindus, the Muslims have now begun voluntarily removing the illegal structures rather than waiting for bulldozers.

The ‘mob culture’

In the Pune incident, a large number of Muslims had assembled in the area at midnight on 8th March after they learnt about the impending action against the illegal construction of the Dargah. The trustees of the Dargah could have clarified the matter to them at that time, but they did not. The Police had to explain to the assembled Muslim mob that only the added illicit construction was to be demolished, and not the whole Dargah. Due to such a huge gathering of Muslims, additional Police force had to be deployed there over the next 2 days, which led to a strain on the system. It is apparent from this incident that when something happens, the religious fanatics immediately display their ‘mob culture’ and bully the system.

A while ago, when a so-called Islamic leader was arrested for a provocative speech in Mumbai, Muslims had gathered outside the jail and behaved as bullies in a similar manner. Their arrogance is being endured since India is a tolerant country. Recently, there was news that over 16,000 mosques had been demolished in China. Would these religious fanatics dare to demonstrate their mob culture there ?

The main structures are illegal in the first place

Whether in the ancient or in the present times, the acts of Muslims building tombs, dargahs, mosques, madarasas after razing Hindu temples are illegal.

Following the unity of Hindus and realising the political support they are getting, the removal of illegal constructions around the concerned structures has begun. However, when will these people and the media admit that the original tombs or structures are illegal in the first place, since they were constructed illegally and forcefully by the invaders ?

Now is the time for Hindus to strengthen their unity and compel the rulers to take a stand so that religious fanatics voluntarily remove such structures and not just the surrounding constructions. Last year, MNS leader Raj Thackeray held a meeting with much hype and appealed to the Police administration to remove an illicit tomb in Mumbai’s Mahim Bay. It was later revealed that the tomb was actually not removed, just the surrounding illegal construction had been removed.

Prime Minister Modi recently laid the foundation stone of a large new Kalki Temple at Sambhal in Uttar Pradesh. Even there, Muslims had razed the original temple and built a mosque. The temple will be built next to the mosque without touching the mosque.

The Prime Minister redeveloped and renovated the Kashi Vishwanath Temple built by Punyashloka Ahilyabai Holkar through a decorated corridor; however, since the mosque was built over the original Gyanvapi Kashi Vishwanath Temple, a Court trial is going on. This is apparently an intermediate stage before removing the illegal structures; nevertheless, everyone must understand that Hindus do not want such structures to be built over their temples.

Let the movement grow

After the astounding success of Shriram Temple inauguration, the on-going battle for the Gyanvapi Temple and Mathura’s Shrikrushna Janmabhoomi has paved the way for temples across the country to be freed from the encroachment of mosques.

The Hindus have fully understood the gimmick of Congress party in implementing ‘The Places of Worship (Special Provisions) Act, 1991’, which prohibits the conversion of any place of worship and aims to maintain the religious character of such places as it existed on 15th August 1947; and thus the intention of Congress party in protecting mosques that were built after razing temples. Hopefully, this Act will also be repealed due to the pressure of Hindus.

There is clear evidence of the remains of Shiva temples across the country at the sites of mosques. Owing to this, the devout Hindu groups should now question whether there is a need for a separate Court battle for each temple. This movement should spread across India.

There is no doubt that if Hindus unite with the local leaders of devout Hindu parties, and start worshipping in every temple that has disappeared with the passage of time, the source of Divine radiance for Hindus will increase and the traces of foreign invaders will gradually be erased. A list of mosques built by Muslims on more than 2,000 temples in the country was published by the devout Hindu thinker Pujya Sitaram Goel ji. The actual number might be much more. According to Tamil Nadu Minister Udhayanidhi Stalin, temples should not be built by demolishing mosques. If this be so, then Muslims can take the initiative to voluntarily remove the illicit mosques built over the temples !

The devout Hindu groups should now question whether there is a need for a separate Court battle for each temple !