Bajrang Dal activist’s house attacked by 150-200 fanatic Muslims at Manchar (Dist. Pune)

  • Attempts to trample devotees under a vehicle during Ganesh immersion
  • Police try to shirk from taking down complaint

A mob of fanatic Muslims attacked the house of Suraj Chakradhar, a member of Bajrang Dal (Credits : OpIndia Hindi)

Pune – On the 29th of September 2023, a mob of fanatic Muslims attacked the house of Suraj Chakradhar, a member of Bajrang Dal. He was not at home; therefore, they abused the women in the house, threatening them with life. On the 2nd of October 2023, Suraj Chakradhar’s mother lodged a complaint with the Police seeking protection for the whole family. She has demanded to check the CCTV recordings and video and take severe action against all culprits.

Suraj Chakradhar’s mother said that

A procession of Ganesh-Idol immersion was passing by their house when a few religious fanatics in a vehicle tried to forcibly enter the procession and trample people. (It is the ‘jihad’ of Muslims against Hindus. – Editor) Even then, people in the procession did not argue with anyone and let their vehicle pass. Suraj had recorded the whole incident.

After some time, the religious fanatics lodged a false complaint against a few Ganesh Festival Committees. Based on their complaints, the Police took Suraj and some of the other people who were in the procession, into custody, but Suraj was released later. (It is like letting go of an offender and nabbing an innocent person. Such Hindu-hater Police, who take one-sided action against Hindus, are harmful to Hindus. – Editor)    

On the hit list of extremists due to fighting against ‘Love Jihad’ and cow slaughter – Suraj Chakradhar

Suraj Chakradhar

Our house is in an area where Muslims are in majority. I have been on the hit list of extremists for a long time, for raising my voice against issues like ‘Love Jihad’ and cow slaughter. It was a pre-planned incident. The procession taken out for ‘Eid-e-Milad’ was over, and the mob came to our house from there.

I was not at home when they attacked. If I was home, the Muslim mob would have definitely done something wrong because they were shouting and inciting to kill. There were many people in the mob who came home, but some were not local.

Police try to avoid registering a complaint

Police have not filed an FIR even after the complaint since the day of the incident. My mother and I went to the Police station many times, but the Police just said they would do what we wanted them to do. (Complaint should be lodged against such Police with their senior officers. – Editor)

Names of the accused

Suraj’s mother has also claimed to have recognised a few people in the mob. In the complaint lodged with the Police, some of the names recorded are Riaz Jamadar, Israr Shahbaz Khan Pathan, Azam Momin, Kayyum Pathan, Miran Inamdar, Aqib Attar, Aman Attar, Mohammad Jamadar, Tarbez Qureshi, Danish Siraj Momin, Taukir Jamadar, Adnan Mohammad, Javed Sheikh, Mohammad Sabir Sayyad, Irfan Tahjan Mandal, Azhar Momin, Atiq Inamdar, Uzaif Inamdar, Asif Khan, etc. There were others who were unknown people.

Editorial Perspectives

  • Religious fanatic Muslims are not scared of the law and have become so insolent to attack the house of a devout Hindu activist. It is very shameful for Government agencies who do not take stringent action against these fanatics.
  • Are these Police, who avoid taking down complaints against fanatics, from India or Pakistan ?