A case registered against four people, including two pastors, who pressured a Hindu family to convert

(Credit : OpIndia)

Hardoi (Uttar Pradesh) – A case has been registered against 4 individuals Maku, Sumit, Adhiraj and Shivanandan in the case of forced conversion of a family. It includes 2 pastors Adhiraj and Shivanandan. (This shows that the converted ones are more fanatical ! This conversion attempt is only to earn money ! – Editor) They are also accused of running unlicensed Christian schools.

Complainant Vijay’s son Saurabh had a brain tumor. The accused promised to cure his illness. For some days, they treated the boy; but as the boy did not recover, the accused told Vijay that ‘if your family converts, the son will recover and you will also be given 1 lakh rupees’. The accused paid 5,000 and put the cross around the boy’s neck. Then they threw away the Idols of the Deities in the house. When the neighbours came to know about this, they opposed the conversion of Vijay’s family. Due to this, the accused threatened to implicate Vijay in a false crime. Therefore, Vijay filed a Police complaint against the accused.

Editorial Viewpoint

Please note that there is no strict anti-conversion law that is why such incidents are occurring repeatedly !

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