Abandoned Kashmiri Hindus !

On the Christian New Year Day, Pakistan-sponsored Jihadi terrorists killed 4 Kashmiri Hindus in Jammu & Kashmir, and thus, the terrorists have literally shown India that ‘You cannot finish us; you have no courage to finish us. Even though we are a handful, we are more than enough for this Mahatma Gandhi’s country and for his Hindus, for their Government and for their organisations’. One has to try and digest the element of truth in this fact.

After the gruesome murder, the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir condemned the incident. Such condemnations have been the protocol of the Governments so far. However, we have never heard of anything in the past happening beyond condemning the attack, nor do we see it happening now. To cool the anger of the Hindus, the Governor has also announced an ex-gratia compensation of Rs 10 lakh to the relatives of the dead. It will not be incorrect to say that once compensation is given, the affected Hindus will keep quiet and other Hindus will be ready to die. This is the kind of mentality that the rulers demonstrate in almost every incident.

After this killing, it is very likely that the security forces will track down the responsible terrorists and gun them down; but what next ? For the past 33 years nothing seems to be happening beyond this. Recently, the Government has published data regarding the number of terrorists killed in the year 2022 – that 172 terrorists were shot dead. Previously, over 200 terrorists were killed every year. Despite this, Hindus in Kashmir are still vulnerable. It should be noted that it is not only Kashmir that is vulnerable. The current incident has taken place in Rajouri, which is close to Jammu. While it is being said that the terrorist incidents in Jammu have reduced, through the recent killings, the terrorists have only exposed how hollow is the claim.

Similarly, some months ago, Hindus were targeted and killed in Kashmir. The unfortunate individual was a Government employee. The Kashmiri Hindus, who were brought back to Kashmir by the Union Government for employment, demanded that they be shifted to Jammu region since they are insecure. Hindus are still agitating for their demand; however, the Government is not ready to accept their demand. Many incidents concerning the killing of Hindus have taken place in this period. This has angered the Hindus of Jammu & Kashmir. Not only Kashmiri Hindus, but Hindus who came to Kashmir in search of work from other States have also been targeted.

Anger amongst Hindus

It is 33 years since efforts to make Kashmir Hindu-free commenced and these have achieved 99% success. Governments of all parties in India have not succeeded in changing this situation for 33 years. Lack of will power on the part of the Government, absence of firm decisions, indifference in protecting Hindus, appeasement of Muslims, vote-bank politics are the main reasons for this situation. The devout followers of Dharma and patriotic Hindus in the entire Nation, including the Kashmiri Hindus, expected that Jihadi terrorism and Jihadi mentality in Kashmir will be destroyed after the BJP Government comes to power and Hindus will be rehabilitated; however, this expectation has not been fulfilled in the past 8 years. The recent attack only confirms the status quo.

In the meantime, the Union Government has abrogated Article 370 in Kashmir, clamped down on terrorist activities, killed hundreds of Jihadi terrorists and completely curbed stone-pelting incidents. Although this is true, the fact that terrorism in Kashmir has not been eradicated completely and Hindus still cannot live there and that they are still vulnerable, cannot be ignored.

In the meantime, after the attacks on military bases in Uri and Pathankot, the Government carried out surgical and air strikes into Pakistan to kill terrorists; but, did it result in the destruction of terrorism ? No; because, it was a superficial and short-term action. Such actions are to be expected; but when a problem is serious, war-level efforts are needed to root it out. The current Government needs to make serious efforts to solve this problem by avoiding the mistakes made (for whatever reasons), by the previous Governments. Even the Kashmiri Hindus do not see this happening. What is in the minds of Kashmiri Hindus is evident from their agitation and anger. This needs to be addressed.

Jihadi mentality

Terrorism in Kashmir is the brainchild of Jihadi mentality. Efforts have never been made to destroy the underlying Jihadi mentality; because, no Government so far has accepted the existence of such a mentality. Needless to say, the reason for not accepting this has been the vote-bank politics. Therefore, there was no attempt to destroy, meaning, uproot terrorism. Uprooting terrorism is necessary. This will need tough measures. Terrorists have so far received all kinds of help from local citizens who have a Jihadi mind-set.

Thousands of Kashmiri Muslims participate in the funeral processions of terrorists. There is no attempt to work on this mind-set. Hence, Jihadi terrorism could not be eradicated. It is a fact that thousands of Kashmiri Muslim youth have been and continue to be recruited by terrorist organisations in 33 years even as the former terrorist youth are being killed. Till the Jihadi mentality and Jihadi country Pakistan are not destroyed, we have to accept that the genocide of Hindus in Kashmir will continue unabated !

Till the Jihadi mentality and Pakistan are not destroyed, the genocide of Hindus in Kashmir will continue unabated !

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