The lesson from Gyanvapi : Hindu unity is necessary

Shivalinga at Gyanvapi

During MK Gandhi’s stay in South Africa, a local bully insulted him using abusive words and saying, “You, black people have no right to walk on the roads”. This incident and Gandhi’s reaction to it were very profound. He said to his friend, “I do not understand how one person’s insult/disrespect can be another person’s respect ?” This is so true – it is a perversion to consider that one’s respect and worth increases by insulting another; what else ?

1. The ‘Vaju Khana’ or the Vaju Pond, in the Gyanvapi Mosque, is a symbol of Islamic perversion : After the appearance of the Shivalinga at Gyanvapi in Varanasi, the world can clearly see the Islamic perversion which has always been their nature. This Shivalinga was found in the ‘Vaju Pond’. What is ‘Vaju’ ? It is the act of purifying oneself before entering the mosque. This includes washing the hands and feet twice, gargling to rinse the mouth and blowing the nose, among others. From this, it becomes clear that the Islamic invaders of yore were not satisfied by destroying the Kashi Vishweshwar Temple. By making the Vaju Pond in exactly the same place, they made sure that the symbol of the Hindu veneration was trampled under the feet of generations of Muslims. This is the Islamic perversion !

2. ‘Insulting the Kafirs enhances our respect and stature’ – this is the Islamic philosophy : Gyanvapi is not the only example of this Islamic philosophy. Indian history alone has thousands of examples of their behaviour strewn in various places and periods. Every Islamic invader ensured that a Hindu should not have a dignified death. How Guru Arjundev, the Fifth Guru of the Sikhs was stitched up in cow skin, or the cruel public execution of Guru Tejbhadur and his associates. The cruel killing of the young child Fateh Singh (Age 5) and Zorawar Singh (Age 8), children of Guru Gobind Singh by burying them alive in a wall. The extreme torture of Chhatrapati Sambhaji Raje for more than 20 days and finally his death. All these have one common point or link – ‘Those who do not accept Islam, get the maximum humiliation and finally death’. Lakhs of Hindus repeatedly suffered such insults and humiliation at the hands of invaders such as Ghori, Aibak, Taimur, Tughlak, Khilji, Babur, Aurangzeb, Tipu, and many others. In fact, Prophet Muhammad through his own actions has confirmed the Islamic philosophy – ‘Insulting the Kafirs enhances our respect and stature’. Hence there should be no delusion that the ‘Original Islam is not like this’.

3. Effective Hindu unity would be the brave answer to prevent the attackers from daring to repeat their acts : While celebrating the discovery of the Shivalinga at Gyanvapi, we should never forget the intentional insult and denigration done for years together to our faith and Idols. Today is the time when these insults should be repaid with interest. Ignore the intellectuals who say, “Why rake up old issues”. We have to care for only unity among Hindus. If the Hindus stay united, Shri Viswanath in Kashi and Shrikrushna in Mathura will be reinstalled, but they will also not dare to look at our faith and Idols. This is the kind of unity that must be formed amongst the Hindus. Why should we respect those who think that their stature increases when they insult and humiliate the Hindus ?

– Mr Mahendra Wagh (Courtesy : Mr Vijay Anant Athavale)

Those who do not accept Islam, get the maximum humiliation and finally death. Lakhs of Hindus have suffered this !

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