Rape rate high in India as women don’t wear hijab : Congress leader Zameer Ahmed

Editorial Comments

  • To support the hijab, the desperate attempts of the religious fanatic Congress leader are obvious.
  • Many women leaders, actors and athletes, who are Muslim, don’t wear hijab, why doesn’t Ahmed talk about it ?
  • Where is the progressive media, which howls at the Hindu leader calling him regressive, for the statement, ‘girls are raped because they wear short clothes’, hiding now ? The dual character of the pro-Congress media that opposes when Hindus make a statement, about wearing decent clothes supports the leaders of other sects, over their statement, about girls covering themselves fully when they grow up.
  • Why is Trupti Desai, who fights for women’s rights, silent about the Hijab Issue ?

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – ‘Hijab means veil in Islam. When girls grow up, they must wear hijab to hide their beauty. India has the highest number of rapes in the world. What is the reason ? It is that women do not cover their faces, said Congress leader from Karnataka Zameer Ahmed. Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan had recently said that there is no reference to women wearing hijab in the Quran. Zameer was talking regarding that.

(If Zameer wants to confront Khan, he should confront based on Quran. However, since Khan has proved the claims of religious fanatics like Zameer wrong, with evidence, they are confused and annoyed, so they are making such statements. – Editor)