Man arrested for violating the sanctity of the Idol in Shri Mahakali Mandir in Patiala (Punjab)

Hindu organisations took out a protest rally closing down Patiala city

Editorial comment

Police should try to find out the conspiracy behind these kinds of sacrilege activities in Punjab for the last few days.  

Patiala (Punjab) – The young man trying to sacrilege the Idol in the historical Shri Mahakali Temple here has been arrested. On the afternoon of 24th January, this youth suddenly climbed upon the raised platform (Chouthara) by jumping over the barriers in front of the Idol; the priest present there in the enclosure overpowered the culprit and pushed him down. Devotees present there caught him, beat him up and later handed him over to the Police. Hindu organisations took out a protest rally on the issue on 25th January by keeping the city closed. In December last year, a man humiliating the Guru Granth Sahib in Golden Temple at Amritsar here had got killed due to being beaten up by the people.

1. Police told that the name of the culprit was Rajdeep, age 35 and is a devotee of the Goddess. He wanted to embrace the Idol of the Goddess.

2. Devotees present in the temple told the Police that the youth had also tried to embrace a lady devotee there.

3. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal called that incident to be reprehensible. Some days back such an effort of humiliation was made in the Harmandir Sahib also. It is essential to expose the conspirers of these acts.

4. President of Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee Navjot Singh Siddhu said on Twitter that attempts are being made to spread fear, polarisation, hatred in Punjab.

These kinds of disruptive forces will never be able to break the social and financial structure in Punjab.