A shocking incident of religious fanatics establishing a colony on Mahim fort and occupying the entire fort

Govt announces the conservation of forts, but what about the forts captured by the religious fanatics ?

The existence of Mumbai’s oldest Mahim fort in danger

Destruction of the historical architecture of the fort

Only the Archaeology Department’s board remains

Mumbai – Mahim fort, which is known as the oldest fort in Mumbai, is in danger. The fort is owned by the State Archaeological Department just for its namesake, the reality is, the religious fanatics have infiltrated and captured the entire fort. The Government announced the conservation of forts, however, here the Mahim fort is captured by religious fanatics. Similarly, they have encroached on many forts in the State. The Government and the Archeology Department are silent on the matter.

In ancient times, King Pratap Bimb built his empire on the shores of Mumbai. At that time, he chose Mahikavati (now Mahim) as the capital. ‘Mahim’ was named after Mahikavati devi. The fort of Mahim has a history of being built during the reign of King Pratap in the 14th century. The fort has been declared a State-protected monument. At present, the historical appearance of the fort has been destroyed and it is home to a large number of religious fanatics.

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